Understanding the Training Camp Meal Plan

July 21, 2022 at 11:44 pm by

The Training Camp meal plans have been specifically created for our members to help support their training and assist them to achieve the best results over the 6 weeks. It’s common knowledge that good nutrition is vital for health, performance and achieving optimum results, but what exactly does “good nutrition” mean?


Our team of nutritionists take a “nutrient-dense” approach to your meal plan that is high in protein and dietary fibre. These foods help with recovery, satiety (meaning you feel full for longer), health and the promotion of lean muscle growth. Another key focus for the meal plan is to reduce saturated fat intake and provide a moderate carbohydrate intake to support energy-levels, performance and training. With higher fitness demands, comes a greater need for replenishment. Fuelling the body adequately with protein and the right nutrients will help to keep you thriving and recovering well throughout your challenge.Another thing you’ll find with our meal plan is that there is great variety within the diet, which provides our bodies with a broad spectrum of key nutrients across the week, whilst also keeping meals fun and interesting.


Our UBX’ers have the option to choose from a male or female regular, vegetarian, vegan or ready-made meal plan. All plans are calorie-controlled and energy-conscious and are formulated based on the average male and females’ goals; to assist with weight and fat loss throughout our Training Camp, 6 week challenge.  We place a high emphasis on ensuring your meal plan is simple, delicious, nutritious and seasonal. Each challenge, our meal plan incorporates new and exciting recipes to explore. The app has some incredible features which enable flexibility to substitute recipes for an alternative option should they wish to due to preference, budget or food availability. As the plans have been created for the broader community, no specific daily macro target has been calculated. In general, our meal plan follows a high protein protocol suited to the average male and female and can be customised as required to suit your individual needs. Although with further education, you can create your own personalised approach to the meal plan to suit your individual goals, preferences and dietary requirements, there is also the option to speak with a professional nutritionist for a specific macro plan.


Our meal plan promotes a sustainable long-term approach to nutrition by providing you with education and guidance on portion sizes, balance, meal-timing and nutrient variety.In the meal planning, our nutritionists have designed the diet with real lifestyles in mind. We think of the little things, such as making sure that there are a few special meals to look forward to over the weekend and even some delicious snacks to keep you excited and on track.  The recipes suit every type of person; whether you are new to cooking, an expert in the kitchen or need a bit more education around food preparation, we have the tools and recipes for you. By utilising the preference and swap options on your app, you can work to build a weekly plan that suits you and your goals.Not only will you have greater energy, you will look better, sleep better, feel better, train harder and have faster recovery. 

Commonly Asked Questions

What if I am hungry on this meal plan?

You can expect hunger pangs and potentially a mild headache during the first few days following the meal plan throughout the initial detox. Your body will adjust over the week. Aim to eat mindfully, your appetite will adjust, and begin to feel more satisfied as long as you continue to eat meals and snacks at regular intervals.However, every individual is different and may require adjustments to their daily energy intake according to body composition or daily activity (see page 25 for more info).  

What if I am constantly tired and lethargic on this meal plan?

This is a general meal plan that supports an active lifestyle with a goal of fat loss and lean muscle gain. However, if you are experiencing fatigue, you may need to consider adjusting your daily energy consumption (see page 25 for more info). Increased physical activity should be balanced out with adequate recovery to avoid burnout, whilst additional wholefood complex carbohydrate snacks may be required if you constantly feel fatigued.Certain supplements are also available that can assist with recovery and rest, and therefore assist with energy levels. We recommend, True ZMA which consists of a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 specifically designed to assist with muscle recovery, support immunity, enhance sleep and promote efficient energy metabolism.

What if I don’t like certain protein sources/am allergic to certain protein sources, can I use an alternative?

We understand that personal preference or intolerances plays a huge part in the enjoyment side of food. When you enjoy your nutrition, you will naturally be more compliant and consistent with healthy eating behaviours long-term.The meal plan has been designed to allow you to substitute certain protein sources for an alternative choice if need be, depending on your needs.Should you chose to make adjustments to the Meal Plan, we recommend calculating your individual energy requirements to ensure you are maintaining a sufficient calorie intake for your training and progress.

Do I need to avoid gluten or lactose?

Unless you have an allergy or intolerance, you do not need to avoid gluten or lactose. If you suspect that you have an intolerance, seek personalised medical advice from your doctor or accredited dietitian. It’s important to rule out other rare, but serious, conditions where symptoms could be masked by self-administering a gluten or lactose free diet.Information provided is general advice only, please seek medical advice from your doctor or specialist before starting any new exercise program.