How to Simplify your Meal Plan

July 21, 2022 at 11:42 pm by

At UBX, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. This is why we have created many ways in which you can tailor your Training Camp meal plan.Whether you have selected the regular, vegetarian, vegan or My Muscle Chef meal plan, there are further ways in which your menu can be simplified.

Meal Swapping

Within the app you will notice that there is a substitution feature. This allows you to view the menu ahead of time and choose suitable meals based on your preferences, budget or time constraints. Our nutritionists recommend that the meals you swap in or out are of similar energy value and macronutrient content.

Leftovers for Lunch

You may have noticed that the dinner on one night is usually the same as lunch the next day. This is to allow you to double up on meals which can reduce your time in the kitchen and streamline your shopping lists.

Streamline your cooking routine

Another useful way to simplify the meal plan is to select meals that are quick to cook. Across the plans there are quick and easy recipes for you to choose from. This can be seen by looking at the cooking time on each recipe. This way you can qualify the recipes based on the time you have, on each given day. This teaches real life skills, because let’s be honest… life doesn’t always go to plan. You may also choose to make a big batch of certain ingredients so you can mix and match throughout the week, for instance if specific vegetables are repeated, you can prep them ahead and store them ready to go. This means less time in the kitchen, and more time focusing on other things.

Meal Prep or Ready Made

We have all heard it before, fail to plan and you are planning to fail. Yet some weeks, life can get in the way and challenges can arise. This is why having convenient and fast options available is essential. Our recommended ready-made meals are My Muscle Chef. You can order directly from them online ahead of time or view their stockists listed on the website, should you need a healthy main meal in a hurry.

Bulk Recipes

Bulk meal prep is another way to streamline your nutrition across the week. Bulk meal prep is where you double or triple a recipe so that servings are readily available throughout the week as needed. It also can be more cost effective which is another great bonus. By having access to healthy meals you will be more likely to stay on track. This way, you will not get caught out making poor choices when you are hungry. You can do this by selecting 2-3 days of food from the 7-day meal plan, then bulk-cooking and repeating these meals across the week. Or simply by batch cooking certain recipes. In saying this, nutrient variety is incredibly important to decrease chances of nutrient deficiency. Therefore, make sure that you are still alternating meals each week, so you are getting a broad spectrum of nutrients across your diet. Whatever you choose, it’s important that you enjoy your meals and look forward to nourishing yourself. Research shows that individuals are more likely to stick to a lifestyle plan when they enjoy the food they eat. This is why it is such a high priority for our members to be able to choose their own recipes across their week. Our aim is to educate members on how to eat well regardless of their constraints – making the Training Camp nutrition not only achievable, but enjoyable. Now that’s what I call a lifestyle change.