Training Camp – Challenge Overview

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“The Training Camp is a 6 week challenge that mirrors the physical and mental preparation a boxer undergoes before a fight. Our program follows the athletic progression required to transform your body, and the nutritional and mindset guidance to help you perform at your PEAK.”


+ 6 week training program
+ Fitness benchmarks
+ Body composition analysis
+ Nutritionist guidance and support
+ Weekly meal plans for Males and Females
+ Recipes and shopping lists
+ Ready-made meal options
+ Coach support and accountability
+ Online Training Camp forum
+ A chance to win our Major Prize
+ Training Camp App


When it comes to tracking your progress, there are a number of ways to develop a more comprehensive understanding of how your body changes over time as unique to you, and they don’t necessarily involve the numbers on the scale.Every body is different, we all have a unique genetic code that determines how our body adapts to changes in our fitness and nutrition, our body shape, and our individual ability to lose weight, gain muscle and shed body fat. Therefore, it’s important that we obtain a number of variables that help us track progress on a bigger scale.To achieve sustainable, long-term change and an overall healthier outlook on progress, we recommend for our members to focus on these three key areas:+ Body Composition (overall weight, muscle mass and body fat)+ Athletic Capacity (tracked via benchmarks)+ Physical Evidence (before and after photos, how your clothes feel, etc)


Your goal is to to focus on 3 key pillars:


Commit to consistent, high output workouts.


Utilise our nutritional guidance and resources to fuel your body and maintain a nutritiously balanced diet.


Stay focused on your goals, and prioritise mental wellbeing and recovery.


Your Training Camp may be a 6 week challenge, but your journey is ongoing. The process begins with preparation and ends in celebration, then continues with long-term commitment and change.


Your challenge begins with preparation+ Take your “Before” Photos+ Complete your “Before” Body Composition Scan


+ Complete and display your Fight Card+ Commit to at least 4 workouts/week


+ Prepare your pantry and fridge+ Grab your WK01 Shopping List via the app, or order meals


+ Set your short and long-term goals+ Join the Facebook Group


TRAINING – Base Phase + Benchmarks

+ Set challenging benchmarks to beat in WK06

NUTRITION – System Reboot

+ Introduce nutrient-dense foods into your diet


+ Explore the use of meditation to maximise your focus


TRAINING – Base Phase

+ Prioritise your warm up and cool down on workout days

NUTRITION – Fuel for Results

+ Be intentional with hydration

MINDSET – Mobilise

+ Commit to 3 x mobility sessions in the week to avoid risk of injury or strain


TRAINING – Strength Phase

+ Lift heavier on all of your exercises

NUTRITION – Strong and Lean

+ Consider incorporating additional protein and carbs post-workout

MINDSET – Recharge

+ Dedicate time to do a fun and relaxing activity


TRAINING – Strength Phase

+ Focus on correct form and technique, and tempo during heavy weight exercises

NUTRITION – Energy Replenish

+ Calculate your BMR and workout output, and fuel your body

MINDSET – Recover

+ Ensure you are getting at least 7-8hrs of sleep daily


TRAINING – Power Phase

+ Move continuously throughout your rounds and focus on explosive movement

NUTRITION – Peak Nutrition

+ Pay attention to portion control and nutritional-balance

MINDSET – Reflection

+ Begin journalling to reflect on your progress


TRAINING – Power + Benchmarks

+ It’s time to SMASH your WK01 benchmark scores

NUTRITION – The Final Cut

+ Stay consistent with your meal plan, consider meal prep

MINDSET – A Winning Mindset

+ Stay focused on your goals and be proud of how far you’ve come

WK07 – “Fight Night”

Your challenge ENDS WITH CELEBRATION“Fight Night” is symbolic of the moment a boxer steps into the ring ready to become a champion, confident in the work they’ve put into their training and nutrition, with a mind sharp and focused on their goals.+ Take your “After” photos+ Complete your “After” body composition scan+ Finalise your Training Camp App entries+ Revisit your goals+ Sit back, relax and enjoy your results